Committee Chairs - 2018


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After Prom

-The high school is transformed into a truly magical environment to entertain the students in the bewitching hours after prom.  There is a new theme each year to dazzle the students, and booster organizations decorate a designated area to capture the selected theme.  Bring your creative ideas to this committee, and no, you won't necessarily be required to stay awake all night!

Awards Banquet

-This is an evening set aside in late November or early December to recognize our amazing marching band students for all their hard work.  Each student participating in marching band will receive a certificate along with awards earned at the competitions, and the Directors will present a few special awards. A video capturing highlights of the season is played while families enjoy light refreshments.  You won't want to miss this fun filled evening!  Join the committee to help package the awards, organize the program, or use your technical skills to prepare the video.


-As wonderful as our students are, the school district requires qualified adults to accompany them for added supervision and protection.  You will be happy to know the adults selected as chaperones must successfully complete a background check and several take additional training to distribute medication or administer CPR to qualify as a Band Aid.  Our goal it to ensure the overall safety and emotional well being of your child.  If working closely with young adults makes you smile, please apply for this very important role.  Chaperones support Friday night football games and join the band on buses when traveling.


-The Charms office assistant is a cloud based solution utilzed to help manage the program.  There are a variety of functions available to support member lists, uniform tracking, medical forms and volunteer requests. This committee helps to maintain accurate data and understands the services it provides to best address the needs of our organization.


-This committee works closely with directors to understand timelines and resources necessary to ensure the events run smoothly, no easy feat as there are many moving parts.  Competitions account for a large percentage of our fundraising efforts and are vital to our success.  Please remember it's all hands on deck for volunteering on competition days.


-The concession crew is a hard working group focused on providing tasty dishes, beverages to quench the thirst of members and guests at competitions and key events. If you like to have fun and meet people apply your talents here.

Dine & Donate

-This group works closely with local restaurants to identify a date and time where boosters can dine in or carry out a meal.  In return, the establishment will donate a percentage (usually 15 - 20% , sometimes higher) of the overall proceeds back to our organization.  An ideal partnership for our community.


Fall Sale

-Fundraisers are a vital component to our financial health, and it takes dedicated volunteers to successfully execute them.  This committee works with previous vendors to disseminate information to our members and manages the process from start to finish.  This may be an opportunity to provide support from the comfort of home!

Food Support

-Can you imagine hosting a dinner party for 300 of your closest friends?  Fortunately, many local restaurants are fully engaged in providing tasty morsels for our hard working students, and all we need to do is coordinate the efforts.  The students love this committee!  Join this team to help serve the students so you can see their smiles firsthand.

Color/Winter Guard

-This committee works closely with the directors to understand the performance vision then helps to execute via uniform fittings, makeup, flags and props.  This is an ideal  home for talented seamstresses and multi-taskers.  

New Member Development

-This committee focuses on the best way to communicate ALL the information regarding marching band in a clear concise and efficient manner to new member parents. The goal is to share without overwhelming new members as they begin this amazing family journey.


-Do you love taking photos?  If so, this is the place for you.  The committee captures the very essence of our annual theme, and everyone loves seeing the photos compiled from camp to competitions.  

Pit Crew

-Who needs a work out when you are moving equipment to support the band?  Join PIT, Performance integrated training, it's cardio and strength training all rolled into one.   You are sure to have more fun bonding here than at the fitness center. Pit Crew also needs those who work with CAD or other design programs, those are able to do wood working, welding and building of props of all sorts.


-Bring your creative spirit to this committee and unleash the support for our band program.  This committee is always bringing fresh ideas and presenting new items for purchase to support our program.  They also decorate the students lockers and band hallway for amazing send off to Grand Nats.

Senior Liason

-Our senior liaison will help senior parents navigate all of the wonderful senior season activities.  When to purchase senior posters, senior ads for the invitational program, senior shirts etc. The senior liaison will also help organize the senior night dinner for parents and seniors-an end of the year bittersweet gathering and celebration and recognition for many hours of blood sweat and tears (good tears only of course). 


-In a world filled with opportunity, how can we find sponsors to support our program and fill the gaps as school budgets continue to decrease?  Bring your ideas or smiling face and help this group develop support to maintain affordable fees and limit fundraising.

Spring Sale

-Fundraisers are a vital component to our financial health, and it takes dedicated volunteers to successfully execute them.  This committee works with previous vendors to disseminate information to our members and manages the process from start to finish.  This may be an opportunity to provide support from the comfort of your own home!


Looking Sharp

Tag Day

-All marching band members go door to door for a few hours on a Saturday morning in August to request donations.  Consider joining this team to plan the days event or just plan to join as a driver to support the efforts.

Technical Support

-Calling all techies, you are in high demand and this is not fake news.  Technology advances at lightening speed and some of us have trouble keeping up.  If you can spare a few hours, we'll roll out the red carpet with delight.

Uniforms - Concert Band

-Formal attire is alive and well during concert performances.  It can be a puzzle to take existing inventory and connect it with incoming students so extra pairs of hands is always welcome.  Join us to coordinate uniforms and correct missing tuxedo buttons or lopsided ties prior to performances.

Uniforms - Marching Band

-A totally dedicated team, engaging directly with the students to ensure each is dressed in full uniform as defined by the directors. Including bibs, shakos, plumes and more. A fast paced environment where attention to detail is critical, no nail polish or makeup and hairnets are in vogue. You are sure to have a blast with this team.

Medical Secretary

-The health and well being of each student is important to us, and one we take seriously.  The medical secretary does an excellent job staying abreast of current trends in medical forms to ensure we capture the information necessary to best serve your student.  If you are interested in assisting this committee, please share your credentials.