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What Fees Cover

Marching Band Fees

Even for a veteran marching band family, we understand the fee schedule and info can be a little overhwelming. Not to mention it takes a lot of funds to put together a nationally recognized marching band performance. That's why our program has broken down fees into smaller payments and provides need-based scholarships to qualified applicants. 

Marching Band fees are broken up into 3 categories:

  1. School Fees
  2. Experience Fees
  3. Consumable Fees

School Fees

School fees are paid directly to Mason City Schools via EZPay. They cover expenses like:

  • Band director salaries
  • Show designer costs
  • School bus transporation

Experience Fees

Experience fees are paid to the Mason Band Boosters via jotform. Like the name suggests, these fees enhance the students' Marching Band experience, especially for travel. It covers costs like:

  • Meals and snacks
  • Hotels
  • Charter buses
  • Band camp supplies

Fee Schedule

For the 2022 Marching Band fee schedule, click here

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