Executive Committee 

Danita Enouen

President: Danita Enouen

The chief officer and spokesperson for the Mason Band Boosters, presides over all meetings of the executive committee and general membership.  The president is responsible for ensuring committee tasks are completed in a timely, effective manner, with collaboration for seamless intergration to achieve goals outlined for the program.

George Dorer

Vice President: George Dorer

The vice president learns the functions and processes of the board as well as the duties of the President and acts for the President when he/she is unable to perform the duties of the office or assumes the office of the President if the office is vacated to serve the remainder of the elected term.
Katie Lee
Katie Lee

Recording Secretary: Katie Lee

The secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of all executive and general membership meetings, and posting to Charms for historical purposes.  The recording secretary also reserves facilities for booster meetings, band functions or other booster activities and distributes a weekly newsletter to members containing upcoming activities.

Will Grace
Will Grace

Treasurer: William K. (Will) Grace

The treasurer is responsible for receiving and holding all funds of the general booster account for its safekeeping while maintaining accurate itemized accounting records. The treasurer prepares written monthly financial reports for the Executive Committee and files necessary reports to meet the legal requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. The treasurer is aslo responsible for ensuring expenses are paid in a timely and efficient manner.

Lisa Stichweh

Asst. Treasurer: Lisa Stichweh

The assistant treasurer is responsible for assisting the treasurer in all of his/her duties. 

Janice Anello
Janice Anello

Vice President of Fundraising: Janice Anello

The vice president of fundraising is responsible for developing and executing all major fundraising events for the Mason Band Program.  The VP of fundraising evaluates new ideas to identify rewarding programs which provide financial support for the success of the organization. 

Mindy Patton
Mindy Patton

Travel Secretary: Mindy Patton

The travel secretary works closely with the directors to determine the logistical needs for transporting both students and equipment for trips pursued by the Mason Band Program.  The travel secretary is responsible for booking the buses, hotels, arranging for caterers /food, chaperones and band aids to sufficiently cover the needs of the group under the timelines defined by the directors.  


Crystal Langbein
Crystal Langbein

Public Information Officer: Crystal Langbein

The public information officer oversees various forms of media used to communicate information regarding the Mason Band Program. This includes, but is not limited to, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and website content. The public information officer maintains positive relationships with the MCS administration and the Mason community.