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Marching Band Registration & Fee Info

Marching Band 2023

** New** Registration Guide - Click HERE

Commitment Form Due Feb 10, 2023 - Click HERE

New Member Info - Click HERE

Rose Parade® Info - Click HERE

Marching Band Handbook

Please click HERE to read the Marching Band Handbook. This is required for all students and parents/guardians and should be read before you sign the Marching Band Handbook agreement in Final Forms.

Fee Schedule

The payment schedule is below. Fee #1 is due Mar 1st. School Fee payments be made via EZ Pay.

  • Fee 1 Due MAR 1: MB SCHOOL FEE 1 $350 | via EZPay or check to Mason City Schools
  • Fee 2 Due MAY 1: MB SCHOOL FEE 2 $350 | via EZPay or check to Mason City Schools
  • Fee 3 Due MAY 1: MB CONSUMABLE FEE* | via Credit Card in Jot Form or check to Mason Band Boosters.  

2023 Band Consumables Form 

2023 Color Guard Consumables Form

  • Fee 4 Due JUL 1: MB STUDENT EXPERIENCE FEE 1 $400| Fee will be invoiced through Quickbooks and can be paid via Credit Card or check to Mason Band Boosters
  • Fee 5 Due SEPT 1: MB STUDENT EXPERIENCE FEE 2 $350-$450 (depending on final cost) | Fee will be invoiced through Quickbooks and can be paid via Credit Card or check to Mason Band Boosters
  • Fee 6 Due DEC 1: MB SCHOOL FEE 3 $250 | via EZPay or check to Mason City Schools

*Amount due for Consumable Fee varies by student and section. Families are required to complete the Consumable Fee Jot Form to select/pay for their consumable items by May 1st (link available soon).  

For Color Guard Students, you have two options:

  • OPTION 1: Follow the regular payment schedule. If a student does not make the Color Guard, all fees will be refunded.
  • OPTION 2: Follow the payment schedule modified for Color Guard students. After Color Guard auditions have been completed, fees are Due MAY 1: Fee 1 ($350) + Fee 2 ($350) = $700 | via EZPay or check to Mason City Schools.

Refund Policy for Marching Band Fees

In order to qualify for a refund, the Marching Band Drop Form must be completed indicating the date of drop decision. Based on the timestamp in the MB Drop Form, the student will be eligible for refunds as follows:

  • $150 of School Fee 1 is non-refundable
  • $200 of School Fee 1 and all $350 of School Fee 2 are refundable until 11:59pm Monday, June 5th, 2023
  • Both Student Experience Fees and School Fee 3 are non-refundable.
  • The Consumable fee is partially refundable for items not yet ordered for your student. (determined by the time stamp of the Drop Form and review of items already ordered)

Rose Parade® Trip Fees

Fees for the Rose Parade® Trip are all separate and in addition to the fees above for the typical season. All payments for the Rose Parade® Trip will be managed by Bob Rogers Travel. Rose Parade® Student Trip Package Total = $3,199
  •  Payment 1 $325 Due FEB 10
  •  Payment 2 $575 Due APR 1
  •  Payment 3 $575 Due JUN 1
  •  Payment 4 $575 Due AUG 1
  •  Payment 5 $575 Due OCT 1
  •  Payment 6 $575 (balance TBD) Due NOV 15

Need Based Financial Assistance

Need-based financial assistance for a portion of Student Experience Fees, School Fees, Consumable Fees, & Rose Parade® Trip Fees from the Mason Band Boosters is available for students who qualify. Documentation of financial hardship will need to be submitted with your application to be considered. Families must apply for financial assistance to be considered for assistance.

How to Pay Fees

Marching Band & Rose Parade include different types of fees that are paid through different online resources. 

1) Mason City School Fees: Paid electronically through EZ Pay. For more information about paying these fees, click HERE.

2) Student Experience Fees: Will be invoiced via Quickbooks and can be paid with online with credit card (preferred method). Student Experience Fees may also be paid by check to "Mason Band Boosters." Please include student name and ID in the memo line and mail to:

Mason Band Boosters
PO Box 310
Mason, OH 45040

3) Consumables Fees: Paid electronically through Jot Form via Credit Card or Check made payable to "Mason Band Boosters".  Please complete your respective form below

2023 Band Consumables Form

2023 Color Guard Consumables Form

4) Rose Parade® Trip Fees: Rose Parade travel is being manged by our travel partner, Bob Rogers Travel. All Rose Parade Trip® Fees will be made directly to Bob Rogers Travel.

Rose Parade Student Trip Registration

You will find all the details about the trip and links to register your student in our Rose Parade Overview slides HERE and the full student itinerary as of Jan 20th is HERE.

If you are ready to sign up now, click HERE

Registration Deadline – February 10th

All payments made to Bob Rogers Travel for Student, Chaperone, and Friends & Family trip packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. We strongly encourage you to consider the Enhanced Trip Insurance option (7.02% of trip cost) which allows you to Cancel For Any Reason.  Please carefully review this important information about Trip Insurance HERE.

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