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Football Games

Football Pep Band ready for a Field Goal!

Home Football Games

Key Things to know:

  1. Students rehearse after school and do not have time to leave campus. 
  2. Students should bring both rehearsal and performance clothes to school on Friday.
    • Directors will communicate in advance what uniform students will wear at the game.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave campus for dinner.
    • The Band Boosters provides dinner for students on Friday nights between rehearsal and game time.
    • Each week the dinner plan will be shared in the Sunday Band Notes.
    • You may bring dinner to your student at 5:00 pm if you wish.
  4. The Band plays the Fight Song in front of the Atrium before they enter the stands. 
    • Parents typically watch this outside the stadium before entering for the Pre-Game Show.
  5. Parents not volunteering to support the band at the game need to purchase tickets to enter Atrium Stadium. 
    • Football tickets can be purchased in advance: GoFan App
  6. Students will stay with the band through halftime performance and then have third quarter off to visit friends, family and the concession stand! 
  7. Students will return to Endzone for 4th quarter.

Typical Friday Night Home Schedule

All Times are Approximate

  • 3:15 - 5:00pm Rehearsel
  • 5:00 - 6:00pm Eat, Change into Uniform, Get Ready
  • 6:00pm Band Gathers in Bus Circle to form Block
  • 6:15pm Band Marches to Stadium
  • 6:30pm Band Stops in front of the Atrium to Play
  • 6:43pm Band PreGame Shpw
  • 7:00pm Football Game Start-Band Sits in Endzone playing pep tunes
  • 8:00pm Halftime Show
  • 8:15pm Band has 3rd Quarter Off-- Can visit family/friends
  • 8:30pm Band Returns to Endzone for 4th Quarter
  • 9:00pm Game ends. 
  • 9:30 - 10:00pm Band Returns to High School, Changes, Dismissed

How to Buy Tickets

Tickets are required for anyone who wishes to enter the stadium to watch the game (and the band’s pregame and half-time performances).  Football tickets can be purchased in advance at the following link. GoFan App

The Comet Zone will be selling $5 discount during lunch Wednesday and Friday. The discount tickets are for students only. 

Marching Band students do not need a ticket for entrance.

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