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Private Lessons FAQ

What is a private music lesson?

Your son or daughter is tutored by a professional musician who is an expert at the same instrument your child plays, once each week for a 30-minute session.

Private Lessons are offered to all Mason students in Mason City Schools through a variety of local professional musicians who work with our students. Lessons range from $25-$35 per half hour and run throughout the school year and summer. Students may sign-up at any time during the year and the responsibility for payment is between the instructor and the family. The instructors offer a variety of experience which include membership in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Can it fit in my child’s hectic schedule?

The 30-minute lesson is a very minimal time commitment, but does enhance your child’s participation in music. The time the lesson is scheduled is very flexible and is scheduled individually by family.

What are the benefits of a private lesson?

Private lessons are a great motivator for kids to practice.

A one on one experience can pinpoint small problems in the child’s playing resulting in corrections that will greatly enhance the students musical experience.

As students improve, they enjoy playing more!

Please see the directory for more information about local private lessons teachers. Many of the teachers teach lessons in the Mason High School Band room or at their home locally.

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