Why support Mason Bands?

-Impactful-support the largest student organization at the largest high school in Ohio

-Excellence-contribution maintains the foundation of excellence established by Mason's internationally ranked performances

-Benefits Everyone-Scientific studies reveal music improves cognitive function and improves health and emotional well being

-Tax Deductible-we are a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization established to support music excellence and provide enriching opportunities for students.

Mrs. Vasey

Circle of Excellence 

Mrs. Eileen Vasey-2019 recipient

Mrs. Vasey has been a strong supporter of Mason Bands since 2009- a decade of giving! She donates skids of water each year to help satisfy the thirst requirements of students during marching band season, so much so, that some often refer to her as Mrs. H2O. She has purchased several sets of podiums thru the years, as well as a golf cart for the band directors. Mrs. Vasey produces lots of smiles with her generous contributions to the students who visit her on Tag Day. 

Thank you, Mrs. Vasey, for your support and generosity. You always go above and beyond. 

Techno Donors $500

The Scott Cook Family

Invest in our Community

Your generous support is a vital component driving the success of the William Mason Instrumental Music program. In order to maintain the level of excellence established by the band directors expertise, and the talent of our hardworking students, the program requires a significant amount of volunteer hours and financial resources. 

We thank you for considering investing your money into our hardworking students.