Build a Relationship 


The fast-paced advances in technology drive the way we conduct business, and communicate, creating a shift in how society purchases.  The new focus is on establishing a relationship directly with your customer to cultivate a long-term engagement with multiple transactions versus a simple one-time transaction.


Why Us?  

  • Business Recognition with the largest student organization on campus at the largest high school in Ohio with over 3,500 students.  
  • Align your brand with excellence.  Mason Instrumental Music is one of only 14 high school music programs to have won the coveted Sudler Flag of Honor for excellence in concert performance  AND in marching band performance.
  • Music benefits everyone.  Scientific studies reveal numerous benefits of music from improved cognitive function to improved physical health and mental well being.
  • Tax-deductible for making a positive impact in your community.


Let's Partner to identify a "win/win" scenario for both our organizations to grow and prosper.

win win

Thank you for considering our program as a candidate for your community based donations.  Mason Band Boosters is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization established to support music excellence and to provide enriching experiences for all.  Your support will make a positive impact in the lives of our students.