How do I join Band?

Band begins in Mason in 6th Grade. In April of 5th grade, students will receive information about BAND FAIR. At Band Fair, students will have a chance to try all the instruments and get more information about beginning in band. 

How do I join Color Guard?

Auditions for MMS WG and MHS WG are held at the end of November.  Information will be posted on the Student Announcements in early November.


MHS Marching Band Guard auditions are in April every year. Students interested in joining the high school guard are encouraged to try out MMS or MHS Winter Guard to get experience! 

I am a new parent to band and need advice from other parents. Who can I contact?

Please contact the "New Member Representative ." This committee is here to help new parents, particular new marching band and guard parents, navigate being a band parent! 

I have a financial concern regarding my child's band fees. Who can I contact?

Please contact Mr. Protzman, Director of Bands, for any financial concerns related to band. There is a procedure in place to address your need and protect your privacy. 

Are Marching Band rehearsals mandatory?

At Mason, marching band is a co-curricular class that receives academic credit. Attendance falls under the same guidelines as all other MCS Courses.

If you have an issue please use the attendance form on the home page.

What is the summer uniform for Marching Band?

BAND: Green Mason Band polo, knee length khaki shorts, dark belt, white socks, white tennis shoes. 

GUARD: Contact Mr. Acheson or Mr. Green

I have a question not listed here. Who do I contact? 

For general questions related to the band program, contact:
Mr. Protzman: Director of Bands

For questions related to band classes at MHS, contact: 
Mr. Protzman
Mr. Jackson
Mrs. Pfennig (Administrative Assistant) 

For questions related to band classes at MMS, contact: 
Mr. Sleppy
Mr. Hinson
Ms. Cavano 


For questions related to band classes at MIS, contact: 
Mr. Fourman
Mr. Green


For questions related to Color Guard at MHS or MMS, contact: 
Mr. Acheson
Mr. Green


For questions related to Marching Band, contact: 
Mr. Sleppy (Marching Band Coordinator)
Mr. Protzman  
(Director of Bands: Finances, Attendance, or other Concerns) 
Mr. Hinson  (Woodwinds)
Mr. Jackson  (Brass)
Mr. Woodie or Mr. Sleppy  (Percussion)
Mr. Acheson or Mr. Green  (Color Guard)


For questions related to the Mason Band Boosters, contact:
Bob Johnson (President)


See the "About Us" Page for Contact Information
for all Mason Band Staff and Band Booster Officers