Mr. Sleppy

Message from Mr. Sleppy


In the last week we have experienced once-in-a-lifetime events. School closings, restaurant closings, businesses working from home, social distancing, and voting extensions to name a few. These events are unprecedented in our lifetime, and have rightfully caused distress and anxiety. These will be tough times for many in our Mason Band family, and we are here to support you.

For me it has felt like a period of stopping. Winter Percussion - done, Jazz Band - done, Musical - done, Spring Concerts - probably done. So many defining events are suddenly postponed or cancelled and this is difficult to digest.

Over the past week, there has been some light. Teachers have been working hard to prepare for the likely transition to Remote Learning on April 6. This is tough work, however, many have found some renewed energy in this creation process, forging new and innovative roads to help keep students’ learning going.

With an eye toward the future, we have decided to launch the 2020 Marching Band registration today, March 20. While circumstances are unclear about the immediate future (virus control measures and levy), one thing is clear, we will at some point return to normal. And when that point comes, we want to be ready.

In that forward looking spirit, we are excited to begin registrations. We are eager to begin a journey back to normality knowing there is still a tough road ahead and plenty of adjustments along the way. We hope it provides a bit of hope in student’s lives in a time where events have been taken away. 

There are of course LOTS of questions (When will virus control measures end? What if it goes into the summer? What about the levy? When will we actually go back to school? What if I can’t pay now? Plus many, many more). All legitimate questions, and currently, no concrete answers. We are prepared to make course corrections as we go. We are prepared to offer grace to families who need time. We are prepared to share concerns and find solutions together.

I believe our Mason Band Family will come out of this experience stronger, more resilient and ready to take on new challenges. We hope you join us for the 2020 season!

With Pride - 

Mr. Sleppy

Marching Band Forms

2020 Registration Announcement

Marching Band Registration


Please review the 2020 Registration Guide for all the information and links to get registered in the Nationally Recognized William Mason High School Marching Band.


This document includes links and a timeline of items to complete, including: 
-2020 Commitment Form
-EZ Pay Link for deposit
-Fee Information/Schedule
-All other forms needed for MB 2020!

Marching Band Fees

For more information about Band Fees (MCS Fees or Travel Fees) 

Marching Band Commitment Form

The form will be released on March 20 and is due April 1 2020.

Link to Online Registration Guide and Link to EZPay are accessible above in the Registration Guide. 

parents & families

Marching Band Registration & On-Boarding Workshops

The workshops will be moving to virtual format, using our new Mason Bands Parent & Families Facebook group. We hope this new resource provides families a way to stay connected during these challenging times where we cannot gather together in person. Please join us and feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts about our amazing Marching Band program as we kickoff our 2020 season together, virtually.

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