MHS Winter Guards


MHS Winter Guard


This year, the MHS Winter Guard will be organized into three teams including two competition teams and one skills team.


MHS Competitive Winter Guard

Thank you to all the students that auditioned for the MHS Winter Guard Competitive Teams!  Those students that missed the auditions and are still interested in participating in MHS Color Guard have the opportunity to join the MHS Skills Guard. Rehearsals will be beginning for our two competitive guards this week.



MHS Skills Guard


LATE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE FOR NEW COLOR GUARD STUDENTS. If you would like to participate in the Skills Guard 2020 and you have not participated in color guard before, please email colorguard@masonbandboosters.com. You will be sent more detailed information about registration, activity payment and information on how you can purchase the needed equipment.


If you are a current member you have until February 5th to register and pay your fees on EZpay or by check (MCS) to the band dropbox. If you need to order a new rifle please log onto Charms and order it from the store by February 5th.


The Skills Guard will meet 1 day/week for 7 weeks beginning February-March.  Rehearsal time will be dedicated to dance, flag and weapon skills. This team allows a new color guard student to try out the activity and build their skills and veteran students will be able to improve their skills for fall color guard while having time to participate in other activities. Students that have a desire to audition for 2020 Marching Band Color Guard should choose to participate in the Skills Guard so they can be prepared for Auditions in April.  


Young women and men are both encouraged to check out this great winter activity. To register for the Skills Guard all interested should fill out the registration form by January 7th.   https://forms.gle/MGBFTmLo6KYR17kj7 

The cost to participate is $100 and is due by January 7th to Ezpay or by check to Mason City Schools deposited in the Mason Band Dropbox.

New guard students will be required to purchase their personal equipment  for the season. The cost of these items are not included in the team fees. This includes: practice flag, rifle and gloves at an approximate cost of $75.  These fees will be collected separately in advance to order the equipment in time for the first rehearsal.


If you have any questions, please contact colorguard@masonbandboosters.com.


Winter Guard is a non-curricular activity that is funded through student fees and students will have to pay full fee amounts in order to participate. The group will not have the ability to absorb expenses for students who are unable to commit to the full cost of participation. All parents and students must be aware of the time and financial commitments that are required for this activity.