MHS Winter Guards

MHS Winter Guard


This year, the MHS Winter Guard will be organized into three teams including two competition teams and one skills team.


Students that wish to participate on the Competition team will need to attend auditions on December 4th and 5th at MHS Large Commons.  Information packets were given out at the Parent/Student information meeting on November 20th.  If you were unable to attend, please see the end of this document for the email address to request a packet and link to the audition form.  The packet includes details about requirements and the rehearsal and performance calendar. The competition teams will be smaller this year and not all current students can be placed on the competition team.  All students that are not placed on the competition team will be placed on the skills team.


Students that wish to participate in Winter Guard but not at the competition level can join the

Skills team. The Skills team meets 1 day/week for 7 weeks.  Rehearsal time will be dedicated to dance, flag and weapon skills.  This team allows a new color guard student to try out the activity and build their skills and veteran students will be able to improve their skills for fall color guard while having time to participate in other activities.  


Important notes…..

  1. The MHS Color Guard participates at a high level of competition year around. If a student wishes to audition for fall color guard, they must participate in Winter Guard at some level to improve or maintain their skills.  The 2 options available are: competition team and skills team. 

  2. If a student is placed on a 2020 WG Competition team, they are expected to participate the following season as a guard member or as an instrumentalist in the 2020 Marching Band.

  3. Winter Guard is a non-curricular activity that is funded through student fees, students will have to pay full fee amounts in order to participate. The group will not have the ability to absorb expenses for students who are unable to commit to the full cost of participation. Students who are unable to commit to the full cost of the competitive groups are welcome to participate in the skills guard.

  4. Students may not carry a balance from one season to the next.  Balances must be paid in full before the first day of auditions if requesting the competition team or the day before rehearsals begin for the Skills team.

  5. Students on the competitive teams will be required to purchase/own other personal items for the season. The cost of these items are not included in the team fees. This includes: CG team jacket, equipment bag, rifle, gloves, and show makeup at an approximate cost of $200..  


All students interested in MHS Winter Guard will need to fill out the Audition google form as well as the Coed MHS Winter Guard activity on Final Forms to participate. All parents and students must be aware of the time and financial commitments that are required for this activity.  Please select the option that works best for your student and your family. If you would like the paperwork sent to you or have questions, please email colorguards@masonbandboosters.com 

Winter Guard Auditions

  • December 4th and 5th
  • 6p-8p
  • MHS Large Commons

All students must register for WG Auditions in advance and it is essential that students and parents are aware of the time and financial commitments. Those that did not attend the Winter Guard Information meeting can email colorguard@masonbandboosters.com to have the audition packet and link sent to them.


Please wear black, solid colored and form fitting attire.  Students should bring a rifle (and sabre if owned) to demonstrate their skills.  Flags will be available for the audition days.

Mandatory MHS Winter Guard 

Parent / Student informational Meeting


Wednesday, November 20th, 2019


MHS Small Commons

One parent/guardian should to attend this meeting as it is essential that each family understand the commitment and costs of the new structure of the Winter Guard.

Any questions? Email colorguard@masonbandboosters.com