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MB Schedule Updates and Thank you

October 14, 2018

Today is October 14th, and with Grand Nationals on November 10th, we are in the home stretch of the marching band season. September was home to many incredible moments for the band: football game performances, parades, new uniform shirts, color guard uniforms, new color guard flags, the completion of our props, and several great performances at Bowling Green! These final days will take it all to another level.


During this final month the students, parents, and staff will be working hard to bring the entire production to life. Make no mistake, what the students are doing is difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally. But we believe this is one of the essential lessons of band: through consistent perseverance we can achieve great things together. The key here being together. The cliche is that it takes a village, and that is the truth in this massive education project we call marching band. Let’s be mindful to be supportive, positive, and keep our focus on what matters. The final days of the season will exciting.


A big thank you to all the parents who worked hard this weekend to make our Mason Band Invitational an incredible success. I saw so many smiling faces. I heard great things from visiting band directors. The judges were specifically impressed with how smoothly and professionally the show was run. Congrats to all!





Mon, Oct 15 5pm-9pm Full Band Rehearsal

Tues, Oct 16 6pm-9pm Full Band Rehearsal

Sat, Oct 20 9am-8pm Full Band Rehearsal




The last two weeks of the season we have the option to use Wall2Wall for all of our after school rehearsals. However, if the weather is decent, we may elect to rehearse at Mason High School. Rehearsals at Wall2Wall will be in the afternoon block (typically 3pm-6pm). Rehearsals at Mason High School would be in the evening block (typically 6pm-9pm). We will make the official call on location once we have a an idea of what the weather will look like during that time.  If I had to make my best guess today by looking at the forecast, it looks like we will be at Wall2Wall.




MSBA CENTERVILLE at Centerville High School

Saturday, October 27

Performance Time: TBA



Saturday, November 3

Performance Time: 7:00PM (tentative)


BOA GRAND NATIONALS at Lucas Oil Stadium

Thursday, November 8

Prelims Performance Time: 6:45PM (tentative)