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FB Game Info, August 29, 2019

August 29, 2019
Hello Band Students and Families--
Sharing a couple of reminders today. 
1). Friday night after the 3-5pm rehearsal Cane's will be providing diner for the band before the big game.  Dinner will be served in the Large Commons starting at 5pm and students should bring their water bottles with them.  Students need to be dressed by 6pm.   Game Day attire:  Instrumentalists:  Summer Uniform (Green Polo, Belt, Black Shorts and Shoes) Guard:  Pre-Game M Wear (M Dresses or M Shirts).   
2). The final Travel Fee is due 9/1.  That means the last day you can turn in a check to be in good standing is this Thursday (tonight).  Members of our finance team will be up at the stadium during rehearsal 8-9pm.    You may also pay online via Charms.   Total Travel Fee is $550 and needs to be paid by 9/1.   You can log onto Charms to check your balance.  Attached you'll find a how to pay Travel Fees guide.    Students will be signing up for Charter buses in early September and their accounts must be in good standing to sign up.   Thank you for helping us manage this important piece.  If you have questions, please contact: 
3). Car Raffle Ticket distribution or money turn-in is also available at the finance table tonight at rehearsal.   
4). If you have not had time to sign up for the Lincoln Test Drive 9/7, please do.  We are more than half way there, but if ever band family has one adult spend 15 minutes test driving the Band could receive a fantastic donation of $8000 from our friends at Lincoln.  Please help make this easy fundraiser a success.   
William Mason Marching Band Football Primer 2019

Key Things to know:

-Students rehearse right after school and do not have time to leave campus.  They should have their regular rehearsal gear and filled water bottle with them to keep hydrated throughout the evening on long Friday game nights.  

 -Students should bring both rehearsal and performance clothes (either summer uniform or what they wear under their uniform) to school on Friday.  Directors will communicate in advance what uniform students will wear at the game. 

-Students are not allowed to leave campus for dinner.  New this year, the Band Boosters are providing dinner for students on Friday nights between rehearsal and game time (except Family Tailgate Night).  You may bring dinner to your student at 5:00 if you wish. Each week the dinner plan will be shared in the Sunday Band Notes.  

--The Band plays in front of the Atrium before they enter the stands.  If you want to see that, stay outside the football stadium at the entrance and then enter after they play the fight song,

--Parents not working to support the band at the game, have to purchase tickets to enter Atrium Stadium.  Tickets may be purchased at the gate or in advance at the High School Athletic Office.

 --Students will stay with the band through halftime performance and then have third quarter off to visit friends, family and the concession stand! The band will provide a water after half-time, but students need to bring money if they want anything at the concession stand. 

-Students will return to Endzone for 4th quarter.

-Parents pick-up students at the High School after they have changed. Students will need time to put away all instruments and equipment and ensure their uniforms are properly put away.

Typical Friday Night Home Schedule 

3:15 pm-5:00 pm


5:00 pm-6:00 pm

Eat, Change into Uniform, Get Ready 

6:00 pm

Band Gathers in Bus Circle to form Block 

6:15 pm (approx)

Band Marches to Stadium

6:30 pm

Band Stops in front of the Atrium to Play

6:43 pm

Band PreGame Show

7:00 pm

Football Game Start-Band Sits in Endzone playing pep tunes

8:00 pm(approx) 

Halftime Show

8:15 pm (approx)

Band has 3rd Quarter Off--Can visit family/friends

8:30 pm (approx) 

Band Returns to Endzone for 4th Quarter

9:00 pm (approx)

Game ends. Post Game Show

9:30-10:00 pm (approx)

Band Returns to High School, Changes, Dismissed