Band Updates

BG Travel Update

September 16, 2018

Marching Band Families—


We are entering the Marching Band season of travel when our students’ hard work pays off!   Please read this entire message as there is action required for every student!  


Happy to answer any questions.   Thank you!  


Mindy Patton—


BOA Bowling Green Regional—September 29, 2018


Tentative Travel Schedule: 

7:45 am Students arrive at MHS, travel to Bowling Green

2:00 pm   Preliminary Performance at Bowling Green

TBD     Finals Performance at Bowling Green 

11:30-12  Check out Students with Travel Waivers (tentative time)

Midnight Depart for Mason

3:30 am   Early Sunday morning arrive Mason High School


Bowling Green Travel Notes

  • Marching students need to arrive at the morning call time in what they will wear under their uniforms as they will be changing publicly into their uniforms on the way to Bowling Green.   Students are free to wear sweatshirts and comfortable clothes to rest on the bus throughout the day/night.   


  • All students must bring a lunch and their water bottle.  We encourage healthy snacks, too.   We will be on charter buses and students will eat their lunch on the bus on the way to Bowling Green.   


  • After our preliminary performance, the band will travel to Springfield High School in Holland, OH, to rehearse and eat dinner.  The band will return to Bowling Green for finals in the evening.   


  • Volunteer opportunities to support the trip are listed on Charms.  We can use a few runners available in Bowling Green, food support, water donations and tables.   Thank you for supporting our band and your students.  




McDonald’s is providing a breakfast snack to start of the day (Sausage Biscuits or McGriddles)  Students need to complete the food survey to indicate their preference for this meal. 


Please Complete the Marching Band Travel Food Survey:


The Band will be providing snacks, dinner (Olive Garden) and pizza after finals.   Students should start with a large, full water bottle and the band will have water available to replenish as needed. 


Transportation Waivers

Students will be traveling on motor coaches to and from Bowling Green.   If your student will not be riding the bus home from Bowling Green, please fill out, sign, and this transportation waiver: BG TRANSPORTATION WAIVER. This form is due Friday, September 21st.  Completed forms should be sent electronically (preferred) to medicalsecretary@masonbandboostesr or your student can turn their form into Mr. Protzman.


If you submit a form, you can confirm it has been received in Charms by selecting the 'Forms Collected' icon on the home screen. Prior to travel, you will receive an email with instructions about the dismissal process. Students are not permitted to leave until they have been signed out by the person transporting them home.


In order to ensure the smoothest process possible, we must have all forms at least one week before we travel. Thank you for your understanding and support of this important process.



OTC Medication

We encourage parents/guardians to provide access to our central supply of 3 typical OTC medications if your student has ever needed one of these medications in the past: ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Benadryl. Please see links below to partially filled DMS forms. These forms require both a parent and doctor’s signature and can be submitted via email to You can check the status of your student’s access to central medication in Charms in the “Central OTC” field on the student profile.

As-Needed or Scheduled Medication

If your student takes medication that is not centrally provided, you must submit DMS form(s) and the associated medication(s). If you need to drop off forms/medication prior to our trip to Bowling Green, please sign up in Charms for an appointment during rehearsal on Monday Sept 24th. Below is a link to a blank DMS form.

Important Reminders about Medication:

1.    If you have already submitted DMS forms and medication, we will bring that medication with us for your student. If you need to ‘refill’ one of these medications, please sign up for Medication Drop Off in Charms.

2.    Students are not allowed to carry their own medication unless it is emergency medication such as an inhaler or epinephrine and the proper DMS form is on file. We recommended that you submit backup supplies of emergency medications for Band Aids to carry as well.

3.    Please make a copy of your forms for your records before you turn them in.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Lisa Oldham at