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Band Notes, October 25, 2020

October 25, 2020

Upcoming Events


Sunday, November 1

  • Band Booster Executive Committee Nominations Announced - All nominations are due by Saturday, October 31st!


Wednesday, November 4

  • Band Boosters Executive Committee Meeting, 7pm via Zoom


Tuesday, December 1

  • Band Booster General Meeting, 7-8pm via Zoom - Executive Committee Elections

Future planned events can be found on the updated band calendar: Mason Band Calendar



If you look at the Band Notes from this time last week, there was still a lot of uncertainty as to whether our event at Lucas Oil would even happen.  The directors and travel committee were scrambling to come up with contingencies should we not be able to travel to Indiana. Meanwhile, all teams were in “full go” mode and never gave up on this awesome event!  In our minds, it was going to happen one way or another... and it did! 


We could not have asked for a better day to have this event! The hard work that was put in all season to make this event happen finally came to realization.  The weather was cool, the sun came out and our hosts at Bullseye Event Center and Lucas Oil Stadium provided these wonderful venues where directors and students spent the day and gave us two hours filled with amazing performances and memories to last a lifetime!


There are so many people to thank for making this event a reality:  


Mindy Patton - Our Travel Secretary  - the person responsible for bringing the vision to life and for leading planning and execution of this event with clarity and grace and for the countless hours and sleepless nights she puts in behind the scenes for our students and parents.  Thank you...YOU ARE AMAZING!


Our Mason Band Directors - Jason Sleppy, Ed Protzman, Avious Jackson, Zach Hinson, Aaron Rex, Joe Woodie, Rob Cooney and Scott Toosley for having the vision and perseverance to see this season through with the level of excellence and passion as if it were any other year.  Thank you for your endless dedication to our students!


Jonathan Cooper, Bobby Dodd and Tracey Carson  - and all of our amazing Mason City School administrators who always support the band and were key in making this a reality


Our Amazing Mason Bands and Color Guard Staff  - We appreciate you and are so lucky to have your expertise and support.


Our Band Boosters Executive Committee - Led by George Dorer, for your constant dedication and support.


Heather Stacy - for leading our Spirit committee and the Awards portion of our program yesterday. Thank you for beautiful programs, the cinch sac full of recognition and for honoring our students in such a wonderful setting.


Lisa Oldham - Our Boosters Vice President for coordinating the LiveStream so all of our families and friends, near and far, could participate along with us.  And something we can watch over and over!


Jason Langbein - Our announcer extraordinaire!  No, it wasn’t a Lucas Oil professional, it was our very own Band Parent, Jason!  You may recognize him from the Invitational showcase events as well.  There is a rumor that  he even was approached by another band to MC their event next year. Thank you Jason!  


Our Band Aids and Chaperones - Thank you for your extra commitment this season with all of the new COVID procedures and protocols.  We wouldn’t have gotten here without your dedication throughout the season, always ensuring our students are safe and healthy and attending to all of their first aid needs.  


Our Color Guard Committee - Led by Lynne Wilkinson and Lynda Frizzell.  Thank you for taking such great care of our Color Guard, directors/staff and all of your behind the scenes work with this group that is such a huge part of our marching band program. 


Our Photo Committee - Led by Lisa Clabbers and Gina Marshall, for documenting the season and event in such a personal and professional manner, making our kids feel special and parents proud when they get to see pictures of themselves on Smugmug every week!


Our Pit Crew - led by Ellery Savage.  We could not survive without your dedication.  From building props, fixing props, moving props and pit are priceless!


Our Uniform Crew - led by Lisa Corey, so much goes on behind the scenes to keep our kids looking great.  Between the fittings, sewing, ironing, washing, shako and plume management, uniform emergency management, and uniform space management...this crew is top notch!  We will miss you Mrs. Corey!


Jim Vennemeyer, Marcene Nichols and Shannon Wielinga - for putting together our season and senior tribute slideshows and videos for yesterday’s event.  These were all so touching and such a great addition to the program!


All of our parents and volunteers not mentioned above - Thank you for driving to attend this event yesterday and for everything you do for our students!  You are special and we need all of your support to make this happen.  Not only do you support this program financially with fees and fundraising, but you are there driving your students to and from rehearsals, feeding them between rehearsals, and being the best cheerleaders when they need it most!  We appreciate you!


And last, but most certainly not least...


Our wonderful students - Who bring so much pride and joy to everyone above, the reason we are all here and the reason we do it all!  Thank you for YOUR perseverance and hard work this season and for this wonderful show in this "Uninvited" year.


If you want to relive this incredible event, please follow this link to watch it over and over.  This was professionally done with special equipment usually only reserved for the Indianapolis Colts!  This is such a unique gift for our students and a once and a lifetime opportunity for our Band.  Please enjoy:


10/25/2020 Lucas Oil Showcase Event


And don’t forget to check out SmugMug for more fun images and videos from the Lucas Oil Event showcase and the rest of the season.  Please be patient as it is a lot of work to get all of the photos and footage uploaded and organized in SmugMug. 


Thank you to all of our families for selling tickets for our fundraiser.  It is a tough year for fundraising and we know we do a lot of it, so we appreciate your perseverance and support. We sold a total of 2,300 tickets, with about 1300 of those being online sales.  We did the drawing on Friday evening, 10/23 and announced the winner last night at Lucas Oil.  We did not sell enough tickets to give away the car, but the winner is still getting a cash prize of approximately $11,000 before taxes!  The winner of the 2020 Mason Bands Car Raffle is:


Dennis VanOoyen of Mason, OH. 


Congratulations and we look forward to presenting you with your prize soon!


Thank you SO much to everyone who volunteered to wash uniforms for us!!  If you have any questions while you are washing, please email uniforms@masonbandboosters or call Lisa Corey at 513-476-1674.  The return date for clean uniforms is Sunday, Nov. 8 from 1-2pm at the music entrance.  


As they changed out of uniform at Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday, all marchers were instructed to empty their uniform bags of any personal items, including shoes.  Seniors were told to also take their Hyperformance ‘grippy’ gloves and their Grand Nats zipper pulls if they wanted them.  Any personal items such as socks, hair supplies, summer uniforms, undergarments, etc. that are not retrieved are assumed to be unwanted and will be discarded.  Seniors – in addition, any shoes, socks, Hyperformance grippy gloves, summer uniform pieces, zipper tags or other personal items not claimed, will be considered donations or trash accordingly.  Seniors wanting to keep their bag labels (most have multiple seasons retained) as momentos, let us know and when we break down senior uniforms we will keep those and get them to you.


On a personal note, as my ‘career’ as U-Crew chair comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who helped make it one of the best experiences of my life.  I couldn’t have done ANY of it without the best team backing me in everything we did and everywhere we went. The directors have been unbelievably supportive and fun to work with.  Mr. Sleppy, you are amazing and it has been such a privilege to help put your vision on the field.  To every other board member, chair, and volunteer we coordinated with, I thank you for your cooperation, insight, and imagination.  Rack Captains, you are amazing, dedicated, fun and, especially this season, we could not have done it without you, and we LOVE working with you!! And to every marcher we ever dressed, I did it all for you.  And yes, you ARE my favorite – all of you!!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your band support team.  I am blessed beyond measure, and will always have EYES WITH PRIDE!!!  - Mrs. Corey



ORDER YOUR LUCAS OIL STADIUM SHOWCASE SHIRT Designed by Max Davis here.  DEADLINE IS TONIGHT, 10/25 AT MIDNIGHT!  Note that this is a separate shirt from the design with all students' names on the back. Those who ordered that design will still receive it and they are ready for pick up at Friday Threads if you haven’t already. The second option was added due to the request for a sweatshirt, and because Max wanted to share his design with the band.


While it may not be the season you envisioned, we hope you enjoyed the unique experiences and a season you will definitely remember for the rest of your lives.  We are so proud of the leadership and dedication to the program you continued to exhibit throughout the season...even when we found out there would be no competitive events this season.  You put your heart and soul into this year and our underclass students thank you!  Your class will always hold a special place in all of our hearts and your influence will be felt for many years to come!

Please be on the lookout for an email of dates and times to pick up your Senior Banners.  They will be taken down this week and we will announce a pick up date later this week.  


This is just a reminder that we are still accepting Band Booster Executive Committee nominations up until Saturday, October 31st.  We currently have a great list of nominees who have stepped up so far.  They are:


President - Shannon Wielinga

Vice President - Sam Gonzales

Vice President, Fundraising - Krissy Hufnagel

Recording Secretary - Kim Bishop

Travel Secretary - Mindy Patton

Assistant Treasurer - Janice Anello

Treasurer - Jeri Duncan

Public Information Officer - Lisa Oldham


The full slate of nominees will be formally announced in the Band Notes on Sunday, November 1st.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for any of the above positions or if you have interest in becoming a committee Chair/Co-Chair, please contact Lisa Oldham at