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Band Notes, March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020

Upcoming Events

Marching Band Commitment Form and Fee #1 Due THIS WEDNESDAY, April 1.




Future planned events can be found on the updated band calendar: Mason Band Calendar



Need an outlet for your creativity during this time of quarantine? Now is a great time to start generating ideas and designs for the t-shirt contests that will happen later on! More details will follow, but for now start thinking of ideas for a band camp t-shirt, a Mason Invitational t-shirt and an MSBA championship t-shirt. Also, we would love for you to submit ideas for new button designs. If you have any questions or if you have button designs please email them to



Marching Band Registration  - COMMITMENT FORM AND PAYMENT #1 DUE THIS WEEK!!

The Marching Band 2020 Registration is now LIVE!  A Live Broadcast took place last Friday on the new Facebook Mason Band Parents and Families Group to announce the Marching Band 2020 Competition schedule (see below for more information).  We hope you all are looking forward to the exciting things to come this year! Please see the link below to the MB 2020 Registration Packet. Please note that STEP 1 is due to be completed by THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1!  



Color Guard membership is contingent upon an audition process that will be announced this week. Keep an eye on your email this week for more information regarding this! Please complete the registration process following the timeline below, but note the following regarding payments:


OPTION 1: Follow the regular payment schedule. If a student does not make the Color Guard, all fees will be refunded.


OPTION 2: Follow the payment schedule modified for Color Guard students. After Color Guard auditions have been completed, fees are Due MAY 1: Fee 1 ($350) + Fee 2 ($350) = $700 | via EZPay or check to Mason City Schools.



The General Timeline is as follows and is all outlined in the packet:

2020 Marching Band Registration Packet


Step 1

Pay $350 MB School Fee 1 to Commit to Marching Band

Fill out Commitment Form

Pay $350 Commitment Fee to Mason City Schools via EZ Pay

Fill out Consumable/Uniform Fee Calculator


By APR 1 
Step 2

Get Registered in Charms & for Student Care

Complete Charms Registration

Fill out Health & Well-Being Google Form

Fill out Student Care Plan if needed


By APR 15
Step 3 Complete Health, Medical & Permission Forms via Final Forms (available Apr 1) By MAY 1
Step 4 Pay $350 MB School Fee 2 to Mason City Schools via EZ Pay By MAY 1
Step 5 Submit Dispensing Medication at School Forms for Central OTC By MAY 15
Step 6 Pay $275 MB Travel Fee 1 to Mason Band Boosters via Charms By JUN 1
Step 7 Pay $275 MB Travel Fee 2  to Mason Band Boosters via Charms By JUL 1
Step 8 Make sure your Student’s PPE Physical is current in Final Forms By JUL 13
Step 9 Pay Student Specific Consumable/Uniform Fee to Mason Band Boosters via Charms By AUG 1
Step 10 Pay $250 MB School Fee 3 to Mason City Schools via EZ Pay By SEP 1


If you have any specific questions related to the Registration process, please send an email to


Mason Music Private Instructors Support Fund

The Mason Band program has established a fund to support the private lesson instructors serving students at Mason City Schools. During these new uncertain times, professional musicians may find it difficult to maintain a reliable source of income. Our program supports these instructors as they support our students. As always, participation is voluntary and all donations are greatly appreciated. You can make a donation using this link:  Private Teacher Support Fund



A reminder that we still do not have resolution on the Mason City Schools operating levy that was placed on the ballot for the March 17 election, as the voting was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  On March 25, 2020, the Ohio General Assembly passed H.B. 197, a sweeping piece of legislation aimed at dealing with the state’s response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Among other items, the bill sets April 28, 2020 as the final day of Ohio’s primary election. If you already voted, no worries, your vote will still count.  If you haven’t yet voted, you still have time! THERE WILL BE NO IN PERSON VOTING! All voting must be done by Absentee Ballot, so if you haven’t yet voted or requested your absentee ballot, you can do so online HERE.  



For more information and instructions on how to complete your Absentee Ballot application, please see the link below:




NEW! Facebook Mason Band Parents and Families Group

Due to the unusual circumstances we are all experiencing right now, along with email updates, our band booster parents have also started a private Facebook group to assist in answering any questions you might have about the registration process or anything else regarding the Band and Guard programs. This is a great way, particularly for new families, to get assistance with registration through video tutorials, and the ability to ask questions of other veteran band families who are eager to help our new band families. PARENTS, TO JOIN the “Mason Bands Parents and Families” Group: CLICK HERE


This is a closed Facebook Group dedicated to keeping you informed and to allow ALL Band and Guard Families to interact with other families and the Directors!  This is a great place to get the latest information and to ask questions! If you do not have a Facebook account and do not wish to use Facebook, DON’T WORRY! We will still be using all of the forms of communication that we always have:  email, Remind, and We will also still maintain the public-facing social media accounts: Mason Band Facebook Page, @mason_band and @masoncolorguards Instagram Pages and the @MasonBands Twitter account.


For those that are not able to access Facebook, or missed the “FB Live Watch Party,” here are some of the videos that the band directors shared: 


A Message From Mr. Sleppy: CLICK HERE

A Message From Mr. Protzman: CLICK HERE

Competition Schedule Update:  CLICK HERE



Marching Band Information - Updated 3/20/2020





There is much unknown because of the most recent levy voting extension. However, we are at a point where we must move forward in our planning to create a successful 2020 season. Because of the undetermined levy outcome, our financial numbers are based on the levy passing. If the levy passes, you will not see a rise in fees from the numbers printed.


There are some old and some new items this season:

School Fee $950 (unchanged from 2019)

Travel Fee $550 (unchanged from 2019)

*Consumable/Uniform Fee $XXX (determined through Google Form)


*New this year is a Consumable/Uniform fee. This fee is an amalgamation of many small expenses that families were asked to pay for at varying times throughout the year. This is our solution to capture all of those payments into a one-time payment and therefore provide more transparency, ease, and planning. Everything purchased through this fee is owned by the family and yours to keep.



There are some changes to the standard fall schedule that I am excited to share.









Full Band


Full Band


Color Guard






Away Pep Band


Home Football




Monday/Friday/Saturday will remain unchanged from previous years. Our FULL BAND evening rehearsal will change from Thursday to Tuesday. This helps us to front load the week, avoid late nights three days in a row, and most importantly allows a full STADIUM rehearsal each week! Color Guard moving to Wednesdays eliminates the Percussion rehearsal conflict and will allow both sections to be more productive. There is also additional time added to the Brass/Woodwind rehearsal to increase productivity, allow for combined winds rehearsals, and provide some additional time for culture development.



In 2019 we participated in MSBA Centerville, MSBA Mason, OMEA Buckeye Invitational, MSBA Open Championships, and BOA Grand Nationals. Lots of great feedback from our divergence from the BOA regional to the OMEA Buckeye Invitational.


With our competition schedule, we continually strive to find ways to provide the best educational and competitive experiences for our hard working students. This year we are very excited to share some changes to our competition schedule that have been in the works since January.

We will continue to compete in three MSBA competitions this fall: MSBA Bellbrook, MSBA Mason, and MSBA AAAAA Championships (hosted at Mason HS).


We are excited to announce the addition of the BOA Indianapolis Super Regional on October 23 & 24 to our competitive schedule. Positives of this competition include:

  • Climate controlled indoor venue (good for October!)

  • Elevated competition level including BOA GN Finalist bands

  • Enhanced student experience: one night stay

  • Enhanced student experience: band viewing time

  • Enhanced student experience: indoor full retreat after Finals

  • Enhanced student experience: more manageable day length compared to traditional regional

  • Increased performances in Lucas Oil Stadium for Grand National prep

  • High caliber adjudication panel 


With this exciting addition, we have also made plans to reduce our length of stay at BOA Grand Nationals. Instead of traveling to Indy on Thursday, our plan is to travel to Indy on Friday and continue with our usual overnight stay on Friday and Saturday nights. Our tentative Grand Nationals Prelims performance time for 2020 is Friday, Nov 13 at 4:00pm! We believe there are also many positive student experiences and financial benefits to this plan.


Marching Band 2020 Competition Schedule:


September 19 - Bellbrook Invitational

October 10 - Mason MSBA Invitational

October 23 & 24 - BOA Super Regional- Indianapolis

November 7 - MSBA 5A Championships

November 13-15 - BOA Grand National Championships - Indianapolis


Please see for complete schedule.




Currently these events are TBA and dependent on the status of stage regulations. Percussion Audition music is still planned for a mid-April release and can go out digitally. We will communicate updates in these areas when we have more information.



We will obviously be modifying these selection systems. More information will be communicated separately.