At a Glance

Required Reading

  • 2017 Marching Band Handbook -- UPDATED FOR 2017
    • Annual updates have been made.  New and returning parents should read this.
  • Chaperone Handbook
    • Last updated in July, 2014
    • Updates are made only as needed in collaboration with the district administration
    • This document is a must read for all chaperones and a highly-recommended read for parents who want a deeper understanding of how volunteers are trained interact with students during chaperoned events.

Commitment Forms


The REQUIRED 2017 Commitment Form is due by Friday, March 3, 2017

  • Commitment payments cannot be processed without a complete commitment form.
  • All forms must be submitted in hard copy to a Director. Electronic copies sent via email are NOT accepted.
  • Keep a copy or photo of each form for your future reference.


Online Registration


We use the district Final Forms system (online e-forms) to review/sign all necessary forms including the
Emergency Medical Authorization, Student Health History and all necessary Permission forms.

Final Forms Registration must be completed by Sunday May 14th. Students cannot participate in any Marching Band activities, rehearsals, or camps until these forms have been completed. Please refer to the Final Forms Guide for instructions. We also require student/family contact information to be updated annually in Charms.  Please see the Charms Registration Guide for details.

To help parents through these online registration processes, Forms Workshop meetings will be offered on 3 separate dates (you only need to attend one). Please sign up in Charms for a meeting slot:

  • Thursday May 4, 6:30-7:30pm in the Guitar Room (D102) immediately preceding the Booster meeting
  • Friday May 12, 3:00-4:00pm in the Band room
  • Saturday May 13, 10:00-11:00am in the Band room immediately following the New Member meeting

If you have questions on forms, please email


Optional Medical Forms


  1. MPG – Medication Planning Guide  (MCS-238) 
    • ➤ Please refer to the MPG instructions to determine whether these OPTIONAL MEDICAL forms need to besubmitted for your student. 
    • A completed MPG form is required whenever a DMS or SWIHP are being turned in for a student.
  2. DMS – Dispensing Medication at School (MCS-202)
    • For any student that may need to take an over-the- counter or prescription medication during any Marching
      Band event, a DMS form is required along with the medication.
    • DMS forms are also required for any student who is approved to carry emergency medication such as inhalers or epi-pens.
    • DMS forms and medication can be turned in during a ‘Medication Drop Off’ event which will be scheduled prior to band camps and travel events.  Please sign up in Charms for an appointment to drop off these forms and medication.
  3. SWIHP – Student with Identifiable Health Problem (MCS-217)
    • This form is for students with a chronic, life-threatening, and identifiable health condition.
    • This form is for parents to share information about their student’s condition with our Directors and Band Aid Chaperones for care and treatment in case of an emergency related to a health condition.

➤  Please retain a personal copy of all medical forms.

If you have any questions, please email 

Uniform Order Forms

Grand Nationals Info

Here is the information we have for 2017 Grand Nationals in Indy