Welcome to Concessions!

Concessions is one of our major fundraising efforts each year at our competitions and we need your help to pull it off. 

Contact the Concessions Chair at concessions@masonbandboosters.com.

Here are a few important things you need to know:

  • Helping in concessions is for Adult volunteers only.  For safety reasons, NO children are allowed in the concession stands. 

  • When you sign up to volunteer, there will be a Stand Coordinator who knows all the procedures and ways the stand works.  You will be a part of his/her team.

  • Please be on time as we count on your help to get things set up before we are able to open concessions.   

  • Go directly to the Atrium stand (the one closest to the high school) to check in and find out where you are assigned to work.  If you are sent to one of the other stand, you will need to sign in there.

  • Wear comfortable clothes (spirit wear if you have it) and shoes. It will be warm in the concession stands.

  • Bring your own drink and food if you do not want to buy concessions -- there is a place in the back cooler to keep things you bring with you. There is no free food for volunteers, coaches, directors, or students. 

  • Last, but certainly not least, please remember that everything done for concessions is done by a team of volunteers -- I can guarantee you that not all things will be done perfectly.  A great deal of work is done tirelessly behind the scenes with much forethought given to how to make it run as smoothly as possible -- but sometimes chaos is simply part of the process. Please come prepared to be flexible and do your part to be supportive and helpful. 

Job Descriptions

Below is a brief description of jobs that volunteers will be helping with in the concession stands.  
  • Window -- Take orders/money; make change
  • Runner -- Pass the food to the window person
  • Sandwiches -- Hand the wrapped sandwiches to the runner
  • Pizza -- Cut the pizza, put on plate, and pass to runner
  • Popcorn -- Pop and bag the popcorn and pass to runner
  • Hot Dogs -- Cook and wrap hot dogs then pass to runner
  • Coffee/Hot Cocoa -- Prepare each and pass to runner 
  • Restock -- Restock sodas if needed; run hot foods to various stands according to need 

As the game nears its end, volunteers assist in clean up and inventory as per the direction of the Stand Coordinator for that specific stand.  

Many thanks for supporting the Concessions Team by voluteering on Charms!