3 Minutes = $ for the Band

July 27, 2012

We know you all are busy...but please take just three minutes to complete the survey posted below!  Here's why...

Sensation Research is opening a product research facility in the Symmes Township area.  As they start up this new facility,  they will need people to evaluate products.  Sensation Research has clients who make food, beverage, personal care, cosmetics, home care, and many other products.

Sensation Research will pay the Mason Band Boosters $5 each for the first 100 adults who complete the three-minute survey (that's $500!).  And...if you are interested in some part time work--Sensation will be creating a panel of taste testers using the survey results.  The company will pay us another $20 for every person who makes it through the screening process into the final panel.  People who become tasters would be paid for their work a the rate of $18 per hour.


The link will allow you to sign up for the Sensation Research database.  If the link doesn’t open, then copy and paste the link into your web browser. Please answer every question and click "done" upon completion of the survey; otherwise, the survey will not save, and your answers will not be processed.

Having problems with the link? You may contact Sensation Research at their email address:  sensationresearch@gmail.com.

If you have questions about this fundraiser, please contact Lisa Miller at


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